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Pritam Employment Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu Nepal, to provide a channel for the organized outflow of Nepalese Manpower to the Middle East and all over the world. We realize that despite the numerous recruitment agencies in Nepal there was a need of professionally managed recruitment agency and that the need was urgent. lt is very concern that brought Pritam Employment Pvt. Ltd. Overseas in existence.

Pritam Employment Pvt. Ltd. International are those clients for whom we have recruited thousand of Nepalese workforce in Middle East and Far East.

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We are pleased to introduce our reputation, credibility in international recruitment field in outsourcing Nepalese Human resources and consequently request you to appoint us your recruitment Agent.

As premier foreign employment company international, Pritam Employment Pvt. Ltd. rank second to none in human resources recruitment, which provide the best options and compromise between recruitment cost, timely service and workers reliability.

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